Six Cat Studios in Rome with luthier, Andrea Andalò.

Carrying eight questions with us from some of our Hong Kong students, we went to Rome to talk to Luthier, Andrea Andalò, about contemporary violin making. Along the way we ate great food, enjoyed blue skies and made friends with some lovely Romans. Andrea was very kind to spend so much time with us to answer the questions of our students. You can see his facebook page here: His shop website is here: Andrea studied here: Six Cat Studios is a Hong Kong based arts studio focusing on music education. Follow us on Instagram at and on Twitter at Our website is at Learn more about travelling to Italy here: Music in this video is by the fabulous Birocratic: Tracks used: Birocratic - beets 4 - 13 lovely rita Birocratic - beets 3 - 10 jon gordo Birocratic - beets 4 - 08 soft focus Birocratic - BiroMakesABeet - 03 bucolia Birocratic - beets 3 - 02 celery man