Robert and Clara Schumann

Robert and Clara Schumann


Here Ollie and Charlie play dress-up as German composers, Robert and Clara Schumann (1810-1856/1819-1896)

From an early age, Robert Schumann showed great interest in composition and piano but was only able to study music full-time when he moved in with his piano teacher, Friedrich Wieck. He later married Friedrich’s daughter, celebrated pianist, Clara Wieck. Schumann damaged the fingers of his right hand while training with Wieck and so focused on composition after that. His wife, Clara, inspired Robert to expand his compositional range from piano to lieder (songs) and eventually symphonic works. Schumann’s interest in creative writing led to the creation of ‘programme music”, a music style that depicted ideas and events. His composition, ‘Papillions (opus 2)’ is an example of this.

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