Six Cat Studios

SixCatStudios is a Hong Kong based Arts studio focusing on music education, story-driven content creation and publishing.

We make music for everyone. We create music training programmes for people, focusing on violin but encompassing the world of classical music. 

We work extremely hard to develop enduring intellectual curiosity in the world of music and sound. Our videos celebrate the passions of talented artists the world over.

We believe music has the power to create social transformation, making people happier, strengthening the social fabric of communities and enabling friendships across time zones and continents. 

Through the universal language of music we aim to transcend boundaries of nationality, race, faith, culture and language - along the way, making music fun and accessible to everyone.

Violin Lessons

Violin Lessons

  • From 4 years old to adult.

  • Beginner to advanced level. 

  • Group or individual lessons.

  • Coaching and preparation for ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall examinations.

  • Preparation for Hong Kong Schools Music Festival and other competitions

Music Theory Lessons

Music Theory Lessons

  • Music literacy. 
  • Theory - beginner to advanced level.
  • History of music.
  • Aural training.
  • Music appreciation.

Chamber Ensemble Coaching

Chamber Ensemble Coaching

  • Duets to small chamber orchestra. 
  • Coaching for performance practice techniques.
  • Orchestral preparation and Hong Kong Schools Music Festival and other competitions.

School Chamber Orchestra/Chamber music programmes

School Music Services

Primary Schools

  • Group violin classes.
  • String band/orchestra.

Secondary Schools

  • Chamber orchestra.
  • Coaching/conducting.
  • Full orchestra. coaching/conducting.
  • Chamber ensemble coaching.

Beginners Training Orchestra

Beginners Training Orchestra

(To be arranged) Below Grade 5 standard of ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall examinations.