Six Cat Studios

SixCatStudios is a Hong Kong based Arts studio focusing on music education, story-driven content creation and publishing.

Global Music Outreach

We provide free music education to financially and geographically challenged people around the globe; those without access to lessons but who truly desire the opportunity to learn.

Through the universal language of music we aim to transcend boundaries of nationality, race, faith, culture and language.

We believe music has the power to create social transformation, making people happier, strengthening the social fabric of communities and enabling friendships across time zones and continents.

Our aim is to secure for our students:

  • Free internet access, where necessary, specifically for free live online lessons.
  • On location lessons in their home country, where possible. 
  • Documenting their musical journey on video.
  • A trip to Hong Kong to participate in masterclasses and hold a solo and ensemble performance with our other students.

We ask our students a few basic but illuminating questions: 

  • What does music mean to you?
  • Why have you struggled to find a teacher?
  • How have our communications helped you so far and what do you need to get going by Skype or equivalent?
  • What would be the benefits for others if they had access to music lessons?
  • If you could be trained in violin, how would that change your life and fulfil your dreams?

Our Global Music Outreach students for 2015-2016



Two years ago I observed some songs which had beautiful violin sound in them. I could feel my goosebumps when I used to observe those songs because that instrument had a power of such high intensity to bring out the emotion it wanted to that I felt it instantaneously. It made me turn crazy to learn violin.
— Shashwat



Music to me means expressing my feelings. Joy, grief, anger, excitement or whatsoever. Nothing else can cheer, comfort and relax me than good classical music. There are numerous and unending tunes that pop into my head from time to time depending on my mood swings. I struggle to materialize it through an instrument or however. It’s disappointing most of the times. I look forward to the days when I can just think of a tune and play it perfectly without thinking twice. The day when my mind and fingers will be in perfect harmony. That will be happiness to me. That day’s my goal.
— Pradeep



Music to me means LIFE! It is the sincere desire of the soul. Music is part of my necessity for life as I cannot just do without music each day. No matter how busy I am in a day, I must always keep a space for my violin.
— Obinna

If you think you would be a good candidate for our music education outreach, please email us at

At this time we take on a maximum of 5 Global Outreach students per year. 

Our ongoing work is documented and freely available for download from our website and affiliated social media streams. Our lessons consist of tutorials on basic technique, musicianship, repertoire, as well as Western music history.