About Us

We make music for everyone. We create music training programmes for people, focusing on violin but encompassing the world of classical music.  We work extremely hard to develop enduring intellectual curiosity in the world of music and sound. Our videos celebrate the passions of talented artists the world over. We believe music has the power to create social transformation, making people happier, strengthening the social fabric of communities and enabling friendships across time zones and continents. Through the universal language of music we aim to transcend boundaries of nationality, race, faith, culture and language - along the way, making music fun and accessible to everyone.

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Director of Music

Aniela received her musical education at the Music School of Douglas Academy, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the Royal Academy of Music, London.

Aniela has over two decades of teaching experience in both the UK and Hong Kong. She is also a certified Early Childhood Music Educator with experience in working with children with special needs.

In Hong Kong, Aniela has run violin classes at the French International SchoolVictoria Shanghai AcademyInternational Montessori School, Raimondi College Primary Section, and continues to direct and conduct the St. Louis School Chamber Orchestra. Aniela also serves on the faculty at the Pure Orchestral Centre.

As well as making regular appearances with Western District ensemble, in orchestral concerts, chamber recitals and corporate and diplomatic events, Aniela regularly plays at retirement homes and schools for children with special needs. Aniela is a member of the SAR Philharmonic Orchestra, helping various charities through fundraising concerts.

Since 2014, Aniela has been developing with Stuart, materials for ‘The Dundercats’ - a Six Cat Studios Music Education enterprise.

In 2017, Aniela and Stuart founded the Sunrise Cambodia Six Cat Studios Music Programme – teaching underprivileged children who would otherwise not have access to music education and instrumental lessons.

Aniela has given master classes in Kamaishi, Japan to students of the Super Kids violin group and to recipients of music education support from Friends of El Sistema Japan. Six Cat Studios has donated 11 violins to students who lost theirs and so much more in the 2011 tsunami; support there is ongoing.



Director of Video projects

Stuart is a Broadcast TV media professional who has been involved in writing, editing, producing directing, filming and combinations of these roles. Previous work has been seen in cinemas and on television outlets such as BBC, CNN, TVB, Magyar Televisio, Hungary, Al Jazeera; Bloomberg, National Geographic, Cartoon Network, and the National Film Board of Canada